Since 2006 Michelle Newman has been one of Toronto’s most in demand Vocal Coaches. Her private school has a roster of over 150 clients and continues to grow with new teachers as well as a number of Toronto’s top talent. She comes highly recommended by Toronto’s Top Talent Agencies as well as Record Companies.

Michelle’s personalized approach to voice training enables her to bring out the best in any singer whether it be a live performance or studio session. She focuses on Vocal Health, Breath Control, Tone, Range and much more. She believes that every singer is born with a gift but it is how they nurture that gift that enables how far they are able to take themselves as a singer.

Michelle Newman was recently featured on City TV’s Breakfast Television as a leading Toronto Vocal Coach and Celebrity Judge for the Live Mini Pop Kids Auditions.

Michelle is the resident Vocal Coach and Vocal Producer for K-Tels Mini Pop Kids. Michelle has played a huge part in prepping, training and producing the talent for these projects. She has been a vocal coach for the last 4 albums as well as a director and coach for all of the live shows for the past three years. The Mini Pop Kids have been ranked
#1 on Itunes Kids
#1 Selling album at Walmart
#11 Overall ranking on Itunes Canada
#9 Overall Ranking on Amazon

Some of Michelles clients include:
Lifetime Movie Network's Aaliyah BIOPIC; The Princess of R&B
Youtube Sensations (Over 300 Million Views)
Abby and Sarah (Feautured on the Ellen Degeneres Show)
Cast Members of Mirvish’s The Sound Of Music
Cast of the of the Top 10 of The Next Star
Cast Members of Broadways Billy Elliott
Cast Members of Mirvish's Matilda
Cast Members of Mirvish’s Les Miserables
Cast Members of Being Erica
Cast Members of Orphan Black
Cast Members of Skatoony
Cast Members of Degrassi
Cast Members of The Next Step
And many more…….

Michelle has aided in many studio session as a vocal coach and demo singer. Some of her credits include:
ABC Spark
The Canadian Idol writers Camp
Lenz Entertainment
Baileys Billions
Atomic Betty
Saddle Club
Mighty Bug Five
And More….

As a vocalist Michelle Newman has also shared the stage and studio with:
Tina Turner
The Black Eyed Peas
The Toronto Raptors
Mosquito B
The Main Event
The Universal Boogie Band
And many many more